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Your holistic veterinarian in Jacksonville
6052 San Jose Blvd.

Email Us: lacvet@netzero.com

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Welcome to Lakewood Animal Clinic, Your Jacksonville Animal Care Resource

We're happy to welcome you to the official website for Lakewood Animal Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. Our skilled and friendly team, lead by veterinarian Dr. Craig Sandler, wants to provide your beloved companions with a lifetime of the highest-quality vet care for optimal health and wellness. We trust that you will come to count on us as your pets' go-to resource for everything from preventative care and emergency treatment to chronic disease management. We build strong bonds with pets and their owners alike to provide a caring, communication-based family atmosphere.

Our animal care center provides an eclectic, effective mix of traditional veterinary medicine and advanced holistic healing techniques. The cornerstone of good health, of course, is preventative care; that's why we offer convenient preventative care plans which make it that much easier for you to keep up with essential wellness procedures. We perform detailed wellness evaluations to help us diagnose any health problems as early in their progress as possible. Dental care is just as important for protecting your pet against the perils of gum disease, oral cancer and other conditions. Microchipping is another smart step toward ensuring that missing pets get recovered by their owners. Spay and neuter surgery also counts as wellness care for its ability to remove the risk of certain cancers and behavioral dangers.

How Our Jacksonville Veterinarian Can Help

vet holding cat and dog

Our Jacksonville veterinarian helps owners by educating on them on how they can contribute to the ongoing health of their pets. If your pet has a skin condition, for instance, it may be tied to a food or environmental allergy. Our nutritional counseling and dermatology services can help you get that issue under control. (In fact, we're known as Jacksonville's "itchy skin experts.") Our Hill's Ideal Balance and Hill's Prescription Diets can help your pet lose weight and keep those extra pounds away while providing an ideal mix of nutrients. Our dog and cat barding services will continue to ensure your pet's well being when you're away. As a Certified Cat-Friendly Practice, we know how to give our feline guests the clam, quiet, peaceful environment they require.

When injury or illness threatens your pet, Lakewood Animal Clinic is there to help. We can perform a wide range of treatments, from prescribed medications and homeopathic remedies to major surgery. If your pet suffers from chronic pain/stiffness or a soft tissue injury, our vet clinic also offers laser therapy, This harmless, painless form of treatment passes laser beam through the skin to promote faster healing even as it relieves pain and inflammation without drugs. If your pet is reaching the end of a wonderful life, we can help you make the right decisions and provide sympathetic aid to both you and your beloved friend.

Let Our Vet Clinic Enhance Your Pet's Life

We invite you to study our website in detail to learn more about our vet clinic. Then call us at 904-733-4447 and let's schedule an in-person chat!